By Sandeep George

Another lucky escape from weather interruption, even though forecast was grim. Bampton were put to bat on a tricky and damp wicket. The decision was soon proved to be correct as Govind was given the ball along with Rakesh. It was deemed to be the best bowling effort of the season so far. Rakesh with his variations supported Govind well, the latter with his deadly swing and precision accuracy bundled out.

Bampton just short of 50 on the board. Bampton batsmen had no answer to Govind’s masterclass marathon bowling. All in all, it was one man show – Govind with 7 wickets for 17 runs.

With lowest score to chase, Risinghurst captain had no hesitation in experimenting with the batting line up. Gaurav and Romeo were sent to open. Romeo in his sublime touch started where he left in the last game, couple of cracking boundaries gave Risinghurst the start needed but Romeo could not carry on as he got out while trying to keep the run rate high. Gaurav on the other hand kept his cool and played an anchor’s role. Anand was sent at number 3, due to his previous performance of patience and grit at the top order. After playing some class strokes, he too got out.Risinghurst lost third wicket in the form of Mansoor, which brought in Lokeshwar,  who along with Gaurav steadied the ship and made sure Bampton were deprived of any further points.

This was the shortest game but biggest professional display of bowling and fielding by Risinghurst.


Date Time League Season Result
July 10, 2021 1:00 pm Cherwell Cricket League –Division 6B 2021 RCC 1 Won by 7 wickets


Bampton 1


Bampton 14910Loss
RCC 1503Win

Bampton 1

Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs B 4s 6s
Matt Williams*Bowled Govind Gaur84200
Julian EasterbrookLBW Govind Gaur1800
Jake PayneBowled Govind Gaur0100
Ben RossBowled Rakesh Nambiar0500
Gerald HolfordBowled Govind Gaur1700
Monty MarriottBowled Govind Gaur0600
Adrian Harris+Run OutGaurav Samuel 93100
Daniel WalkerBowled Govind Gaur0400
Ben KingBowled Rakesh Nambiar6410
Ady BrooksbankBowled Govind Gaur153010
Harry CurtisNot Out  4600
Extras5 (b =1, lb =1, wd =2, nb =1)
Total   4914420
Bowling O M R W
Ady Brooksbank50221
Harry Curtis70152
Daniel Walker2070


Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs B 4s 6s
Romio FernandesBowled Ady Brooksbank10620
Gaurav SamuelNot Out  82310
S M Mansoor Abbasi+Bowled Harry Curtis0100
Anand V SomasundaramCaughtAdrian Harris+Harry Curtis102520
Lokeshwar BandhuNot Out  152520
Martin Kalyan*Did Not Bat  0000
Saurabh MehrotraDid Not Bat  0000
Sandeep GeorgeDid Not Bat  0000
Rakesh NambiarDid Not Bat  0000
John ThompsonDid Not Bat  0000
Govind Gour Did Not Bat  0000
Extras7 (b =2, lb =4, wd =1, nb =0)
Total   508070

Did not bat: Martin Kalyan*, Saurabh Mehrotra, Sandeep George, Rakesh Nambiar, John Thompson, Govind Gour

Bowling O M R W
Rakesh Nambiar124302
Govind Gour 123177