By Martin Kalyan

Risi went into the last game with nothing to loose having already qualified for promotion but this team do not settle for less. Martin decided to send Sam with Saurabh to open the innings. The opening bowlers of Oxenford started off with some good pace and swing. Sam was the first to go with a mis-timed pull shot soon followed by Saurabh and Lucky. Sandeep and Romi tried to consolidate and played some great shots all around the park. However, both were dismissed in a quick succession bringing in Mansoor who took the attack back to the bowlers. Wickets continue to fell at the other end while Mansoor kept playing his shots and soon completed his 4th 50 of the season. It was looking like Risi will be dismissed well short of 200 when Anand walked in to support Mansoor. Both played some extravagant shots and made sure Risi post a grand total of 234. Another gem of the innings from Mansoor to mend the batting collapse well supported by Anand. It was now time for Risi bowlers to finish the job. Oxenford start was steady with both openers showing no intent of chasing down the target and blocking most deliveries but some great bowling by Rakesh had both openers back in the pavilion for 20 on the board. Lucky came on to bowl to replace Rakesh and continued his form with the bowl getting through the middle order bats quickly. Lucky ended up taking 3 wickets from his spell of 9 overs supported by Govind and JT from the other end with 1 wicket a piece. With the match looking like in the bag for Risi, the captain decided to give a chance to everyone to have some fun. Mansoor was replaced by Satish behind the wickets to give Mansoor a bowl. Sandeep and Mansoor had an over each but were thrashed around for 19 and 15 respectively. This was enough to end the fun and bring in Romi to discipline the bowling. Romi did not disappoint and bowled Oliver with his targeted bowling. A brilliant catch by Satish behind the wickets gave a chance to pull Mansoor’s leg a bit by the team. Romi soon wrapped up the game by bowling the number 10 bat out.

One of the best season for Risi, winning both the cup and the league. Some great performances all round. The bowling unit looks strong with Rakesh, Govind, Lucky, Mondal heading the pace and JT complimenting with quality spin. 97 wickets between Rakesh, Govind, Lucky and JT has to be a record of some sort for Risi. On the other hand, batting has been the strongest ever with all 11 capable of batting and 6 batsman scoring runs in excess of 350. There have been 6 100 run partnerships with 2 of them against Radley (number 2 in the division). A team to watchout for in div 5. Here we come!!


Date Time League Season Result
September 4, 2021 12:30 pm Cherwell Cricket League –Division 6B 2021 RCC1 Won by 96 runs




RCC 12548Win
Oxenford 215810Loss


Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs 4s 6s Ct St
Saurabh MehrotraBowled Aaron Hirtenstein235000
Gaurav SamuelCaught Jilish Antony00000
Sandeep GeorgeCaught Tushar Menon376010
Lokeshwar BandhuBowled Aaron Hirtenstein81000
Romio FernandesCaught Tushar Menon405000
S M Mansoor Abbasi+ Not Out  8413200
Rakesh NambiarBowled Tushar Menon40010
Govind GourCaught Nithin Peter20000
Martin Kalyan*Caught Nithin Peter61000
Anand V SomasundaramNot Out  304100
John ThompsonDid Not Bat  00000
Extras20 (b =2, lb =11, wd =6, nb =1)
Total   25435320

Did not bat: John Thompson

Bowling O M R W
Rakesh Nambiar71202
Govind Gour92211
Lokeshwar Bandhu92293
John Thompson90361
Romio Fernandes2.30133
S M Mansoor Abbasi+ 10190
Sandeep George10150

Oxenford 2

Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs 4s 6s Ct St
Naganand SaravananLBW Rakesh Nambiar101000
Tim HampCaughtSandeep GeorgeRakesh Nambiar51000
David ShackletonBowled Lokeshwar Bandhu121000
Nithin PeterBowled Govind Gour00000
Richard Rowley*Caught Lokeshwar Bandhu293000
Ben DeanCaughtRakesh NambiarJohn Thompson10000
Aaron HirtensteinLBW Lokeshwar Bandhu252000
Oliver CarrBowled Romio Fernandes271200
Hamzah AwanCaught Romio Fernandes61000
Jilish AntonyBowled Romio Fernandes00000
Tushar MenonNot Out  141000
Extras29 (b =1, lb =4, wd =22, nb =2)
Total   15811200
Bowling O M R W
Aaron Hirtenstein93302
Jilish Antony93581
Nithin Peter91442
Hamzah Awan50170
Tushar Menon90523
Ben Dean40400