By Asif Khan

A beautiful sunny day in Risinghurst and a good day to win the toss and bat first. However, Connor Wakefield lost his 11th toss in a row and Steventon opted to bat first.

Risinghurst took to the field and struck early with an edge to safe hand Faisal Munir of the bowling of Praneel Siliveru and then Asif Khan hitting the brand new Risinghurst CC branded wickets. After this Risinghurst fielding can only be described as the best vaccine on the market, as they could not catch a thing.

David Webb from Steventon had a very close call while on about 30 runs, when he was run out, but the square leg umpire did not give it. But David Webb 9 lives came to an end when James Cole came back into the attack and an edge went straight into the gloves of Faisal Munir and went on the score a great 113.  

With Steventon finishing the innings on 243 for 9 and Risinghurst opening bowlers (James Coles and Praneel Siliveru) both taking 3 wickets each. The Risinghurst batsmen had a mammoth task ahead of them. 

With Connor Wakefield and Hasan Raza opening the batting and despite the heat from a very sunny day in Risinghurst it was raining boundaries. It wasn’t long till both Connor Wakefield and Hasan Raza were lifting their bats in the air to celebrate their 50’s both hitting the boundary to bring on the milestones. 

Steventon then brought on Lokesh Kempaiah who in this 3rd over broke the opening partnership of 167 when he bamboozled Hasan Raza to bowl him out on 57. With Connor Wakefield still making it rain boundaries, he saw his new batting partner, Abhay Singh leave on his 2nd ball to an LBW from Phil Wise.

With Raj Kumar coming to join the in from Connor Wakefield in the middle. One of the Steventon fielders had his Risinghurst vaccine and dropped Connor on 99 and allowing Connor Wakefield a single run and this allowed him to lift his bat up for a 2nd time to bring on his 100. 

It was only right that Connor Wakefield got the winning runs with another boundary and Risinghurst scoring 246 for 2. 


Date Time League Season Result
June 12, 2021 1:00 pm Cherwell Cricket League – Division 7C 2021 RCC 2 Won by 8 wickets




Steventon 22439Loss
RCC 22462Win

Steventon 2

Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs 4s 6s Ct St
Christopher ShawCaughtFaisal MunirPraneel Siliveru10000
Anthony HarrisBowled Asif Khan280000
David WebbCaught James Cole1130000
Dave ImrieStumpedFaisal MunirAsif Khan150000
Lokesh KempaiahBowled Praneel Siliveru220000
Syed Yaqoob AliBowled Praneel Siliveru110000
Philip TaylorRun Out  30000
Stuart FisherBowled James Cole50000
Simon MorseCaughtFaisal Munir 10000
Phil WiseNot Out  40000
Paul SmithNot Out  90000
Extras31 (b-12,lb-8,wd-8,nb-3)
Total   2430000
Bowling O M R W
Philip Taylor80580
Syed Yaqoob Ali40300
Dave Imrie50280
Stuart Fisher20260
Phil Wise90581
Lokesh Kempaiah70361
Christopher Shaw1.1050


Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs 4s 6s Ct St
Connor Wakefield*Not Out  14225100
Hasan RazaBowled Lokesh Kempaiah578000
Abhay SinghLBW Phil Wise00000
Raj KumarNot Out  230000
Faisal Munir+Did Not Bat  00031
Justin SammullerDid Not Bat  00000
Dominic GurdenDid Not Bat  00000
Anand V SomasundaramDid Not Bat  00000
James ColeDid Not Bat  00000
Asif KhanDid Not Bat  00000
Praneel SiliveruDid Not Bat  00000
Extras34 (b-6,lb-1,wd-5,nb-12)
Total   24633131

Did not bat: Faisal Munir+, Justin Sammuller, Dominic Gurden, Anand V Somasundaram, James Cole, Asif Khan, Praneel Siliveru

Bowling O M R W
James Cole100563
Praneel Siliveru111543
Justin Sammuller60300
Asif Khan112492
Hasan Raza50190
Dominic Gurden20190