Date Time League Season Result
September 4, 2021 12:30 pm Cherwell Cricket League – Division 7C 2021 RCC 2 Lost by 2 runs


East and West Hendred 2


East and West Hendred 22026Win
RCC 220010Loss

East and West Hendred 2

Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs B 4s 6s Ct St
Ivan MulfordBowled Asif Khan26585000
Dom MckennaCaughtKyle Brooks+James Cole150000
Liam Richards*+CaughtPraneel SiliveruDhishanth Benolin24655000
Andy BroadbentRun Out( ) 110000
Amalka NaimanageBowled Asif Khan38495100
Liam RainbowCaught James Cole25314100
Tom AtkinsNot Out  22333000
Archie LeischmanNot Out  11121000
Bradley FrancisDid Not Bat  000000
Fredrick BowerDid Not Bat  000000
Samuel ForrestDid Not Bat  000000
Extras54 (b =2, lb =6, wd =45, nb =1)
Total   20225423200

Did not bat: Bradley Francis, Fredrick Bower, Samuel Forrest

Bowling O M R W
Fredrick Bower30250
Archie Leischman91542
Amalka Naimanage90471
Samuel Forrest91344
Bradley Francis6.40352


Batting Dismissal Fielder Bowler Runs B 4s 6s Ct St
Dominic GurdenCaughtLiam RainbowSamuel Forrest51447000
Dhishanth BenolinBowled Archie Leischman24244000
Praneel SiliveruCaughtIvan MulfordAmalka Naimanage754710200
Raj KumarLBW Bradley Francis0100000
Muhammed Ishaq KhademiBowled Samuel Forrest6120000
Faisal MunirBowled Samuel Forrest040000
Connor Wakefield*LBW Samuel Forrest8111000
Justin SammullerRun Out(Tom Atkins) 4110000
Kyle Brooks+Not Out  8171000
Asif KhanBowled Archie Leischman12182000
James ColeLBW Bradley Francis0120000
Extras12 (b =5, lb =0, wd =5, nb =2)
Total   20021025200
Bowling O M R W
Muhammed Ishaq Khademi90430
James Cole93272
Praneel Siliveru51250
Asif Khan95272
Justin Sammuller80360
Dhishanth Benolin50361